Bone on Bone

By Eric Scot Tryon

My son starts grinding his teeth in the Fall of 3rd grade. As he sleeps. The scraping, the pressure –…

Play Money

By Judith Claire Mitchell

At eight I was rich and powerful, controlled railroads and electric companies. A banker, I embezzled rainbows of cash that…

The Extinction Museum: Exhibit # 914 (tank of anoxic water from Gulf of Mexico near the mouth of the Mississippi River)

By Tina May Hall

The bloom of your skin as the river thickens around us. Constellations of algae exhale. We eat the fish that…

On Sewing and the Anatomy of Lips

By Myna Chang

On Sewing and the Anatomy of Lips Cupid’s bow: The contour line of the upper vermilion. I am drawn tight,…

Cow Town Carnival

By Brett Biebel

Mom was pushing 80 past a semi on the wrong side of Madison, and it was one of them numbers…


By Julián Esteban Torres López

Like a toddler lost in a laundry basket full of dirty towels, the Argentine music dances. Cuts through the candlelit…

A Diptych at the Seaside

By Dipika Mukherjee

1. She collects seashells, three in a row. One domed, a Buddhist stupa; another hugs the ground, an earthworm after…

Fractured Lit 2021 Micro Contest Winners and Shortlist

By Fractured Lit

Huge thank you to judge Matthew Salesses for reading and choosing the winners. This was definitely one of our most…

Wedding in Acapulco, 1983

By Patricia Patterson

Notice how they stand in the background of an old family photograph. How they all wear white. How they cloak…


By Jolene McIlwain

His boots lay down a path through the Timothy and Queen Anne’s lace. This tall, tall boy, with his long…

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