As Solid As an Ashtray and Emits More Smoke

By Edie Meade

It is a cast-iron frying pan filled with cigarette butts. The handle is just the right size for my hand…

If this were Tracy Island

By Marissa Hoffmann

I’d use a soda siphon at cocktail hour, and you’d only know I’m speaking when my chin quivers. And it…

Night Vision

By Anna Gates Ha

During a commercial, I ask you to tell me about nights in the jungle. We are blue and then white…

We Don’t Boil Babies

By Alicia Dekker

You don’t remember Grammy saying the words, although you were there. You were the baby. You’ve heard the story a…

Account For What You Have

By Alexandra Blogier

First, blanch the peaches. Run them under cold water to peel their skin away. Feel the flesh underneath. This is…

Girl on A bike, Boy in Dayton

By John Bensink

Jack is sixteen when he sees Marie the first time, then 84 when he sees her again, though he doesn’t…


By Elise Blackwell

The passion with which she took to the house and garden surprised him. She told him her grandmother taught her…


By Joy Guo

Five hungry blonde girls, sitting pertly on their haunches, holding court in the lounge. You all live on the same…


By Robert Scotellaro

Multilingual We’re in the garden.  There are fragrances there, fluent in many languages.  Cassie digs, plants, pats the earth.  We’ll…

the 2021 fractured lit flash fiction prize shortlist

By Fractured Lit

We’re so excited to announce the 25 titles on our shortlist! We’ll announce the winners’ titles in the next few…

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