Monsters, Mystery, & Mayhem Contest Winners & Shortlisted writers

By Fractured Lit
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1st: Place: At the Bottom of the Well is a Home by Laur Freymiller 2nd Place: My Brother, Named and…

Little Worlds

By Nathan Alling Long

Sara’s building tiny huts made of mud that she hollows out with her thumbs and then covers with sticks from…

Sugar Baby

By Alexa Logush

When Danny turned six, his mouth rotted and a host of flies swarmed his lips. They laid their ugly eggs…

How to Embed your Legacy

By Anita Goveas

Take one pair of lightly-arched, freshly-manicured feet, slip off your mother’s gold-edged chappals that always chafed, and plant them firmly…


By Jamie Etheridge

She knocks things over—pyramid-stacked cans in the grocery store, books off the shelf at the library, her father’s glasses from…


By Francine Witte

Like every other night, Finkus creaks the splintery door, slips out of his only shirt and folds it over a…

mi corazón quiere cantar así

By JJ Peña

did you hear about the shooting? my cousin jasmine texts. i tell her no, open up twitter to see if…

freedom fighters

By aureleo sans

In our neighborhood, the dumpsters peel orange but not like citrus.  White liquid seeps from their underbelly.  Nothing drinks the…

Not Interested

By Catherine Gammon

I’m not interested, she said, in restless craving, space-time music, outside combining elements. Images only, she said, with a shake…

When You Come Home From Nashville

By Patricia Q. Bidar

I get lost three times en route to the Oakland Airport, ten minutes from home. I have waited for you…

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