How many pieces can I submit at one time?

You may submit up to two flash pieces per submission. It may be two full length flashes, two micros, or a combination of the micro and flash, but only two total stories at once.  We ask that you wait to hear from us about your open submissions before submitting again.

Can I submit to multiple categories, i.e. flash and micro?

At one time, you may have one flash and one micro active submissions.

Do you allow simultaneous submissions?

Yes. We allow simultaneous submissions. Just let us know if your work is accepted by another publication so we can remove it from our consideration.

Can I send you my work via email? Can I send submissions in the mail?

We DO NOT accept submissions via email — use Submittable to submit your work. It is free! If electronic submission is not possible for some reason, you may send your work via USPS ONLY with a US check or money order for any applicable entry fees to our mailing address at: 70 SW Century Drive Suite 100442 Bend, Oregon 97702. Please know that we are a virtual team working all over the world, and that mailing a submission is the least efficient and slowest means of having your work considered. Additionally, if you do not supply an email address, we will not be able to respond to your work. We do not mail acceptances or declines.

What is Submittable?

Submittable is the platform we use to collect, read, and accept work for our publication. An account is free to set up, and if you do not already have one, you may get one at www.submittable.com

I lost my Submittable password / am having issues submitting / having my payment go through. Can you help?

The best thing to do for technical issues is contact Submittable directly, as they handle all the back end support for us regarding payments and passwords. Their email is: support@submittable.com

Do you accept reprints?

We do review reprints for our Micro Fiction and Flash Fiction categories, but do not pay for these stories. We do not accept reprints for submission in our contests.

Do you accept self-published works or works that have been posted on a Facebook or Instagram page?

Generally, we consider self-published works and work published on social media as reprints (see above). If we accept a piece you have self-published on social media or your personal blog, we ask that you remove it before publication with us. We do not pay for reprints, and do not accept reprints for submission in our contests.

What are your guidelines about format, i.e Times New Roman, double-spaced, etc.?

We ask that you double space and use Times New Roman 12 point font for all submissions.

What am I supposed to write in the cover letter?

Cover letters are optional, but it's nice to know who is submitting to us. Please refrain from describing your stories. The work needs to speak for itself. Including the title and word count of each story is helpful for more efficient consideration of your work. Please include a brief third-person biography statement.

I submitted my story, but I need to make revisions. What do I do?

We fully understand that, at times, revisions need to be made and errors corrected. Please contact us via Submittable in the event you need to make changes to your submission, requesting that the submission be opened for editing, and we will do so. You will be notified via email when your submission is open, and you will be allowed to make your changes and / or re-upload a new document if necessary.

Do I maintain ownership and first serial rights if my work is accepted for publication?

You do maintain ownership of your work when you submit to our journal, whether it is chosen or not for publication. If published, our platform retains first serial rights / first publication rights of the work for the first three months.

I submitted my work to you a while ago. When can I expect to hear back?

Regardless of acceptance or decline, you will hear back from us, we promise. Our general turnaround time for all fiction is 2-6 months. For contests, the turnaround may be slightly longer, depending on when you submit.


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