Fractured Lit 2021 Micro Contest Longlist

By Fractured Lit

I’m so proud of our team for reading so many micros! We’re so impressed by the sense of place, the…

2022 Best Microfiction Nominations

By Fractured Lit

2021 Fractured Lit Pushcart Nominations

By Fractured Lit
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Lost Centuries by Shome Dasgupta Motherhood: A Hexaptych by Candace Hartsuyker Nothing the Wind Might Sting by Edie Patterson A…

Thursday Night at Lucky’s Liquor Store

By Shareen Murayama

When the semi flipped on its side, cows were launched like bowling pins across multiple lanes. Several died inside the…

In Andromeda

By Jonathan Cardew

There were aliens in What Cheer, Iowa, aliens with platinum skin and tentacles adept at probing populations, aliens opening up…

Explaining Divorce to My Three-Year-Old

By Michaella Thornton

Baby, when the toast goes cold, the butter will not spread. The daffodil fat just sits on stiff bread. You…

Roadside Assistance

By Ra'Niqua Lee

We are weary in sweat and heat that settles like skin to skin. Deep in the buzz and whir of…

The Vulture

By Bronwen Griffiths

Francisco looks down the long wintry road. Wisps of mist hang over the dark trees. The sound of the cooling…

So you fall in love with the church girl (the one who isn’t gay)

By Regan Puckett

She’s Splenda-sweet salvation, preened by her parents, who do everything in a -ly way: welcome you hesitant-ly, talk about you…


By Michelle Xu

In the beginning, the women were gooseberries. Plump on the vine, squashed under toe, murderous towards pine. When the rains…

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