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Joan of Arc is Channeling God and Teaching you to make S’mores

By Christy Tending

Let’s say they believed her. Let’s say she was born into a different age. That she wasn’t the one who burned. Or: Maybe in another life, she is the favorite camp counselor. She teaches the kids to ride horseback. She tells them to get back up when they fall. She wipes tears, and if they’re…

The Unction

By Z. K. Abraham

We carry out the unction for our aging father on the dining room table, anointing him with a variety of substances: stale lake water, ripe oil that dripped down the jagged walls of caves back home, that spiced, buttery potion that our mother makes just like her own mother did, brewed on the stove for…


By Christina D’Antoni

I ran over a nightjar with my car. It wasn’t my fault—it sat there roosting in the right lane of the road. I was on the phone with my brother when it happened; he’s apprenticing in ear-nose-throat. He’d changed rotations, went straight there from gyno. They’re all mysterious cavities, you know? I thought of swim…

2024 Fractured Lit Ghost, Fable, and Fairy Tales Prize Shortlist

By Fractured Lit

Twenty-five fresh and original takes on this contest’s themes are headed to our guest, Judge Aimee Bender! We can’t wait to reveal her selections!

The Blob Takes Manhattan

By Chelsea Stickle

Now that the Arctic isn’t cold anymore, The Blob is awake and tearing through malls like a post-breakup trust fund baby. After it drinks the oceans dry, The Blob returns to North America. The 24-hour news cycle was made for this. On their websites, you can watch the feed from the helicopters shining a spotlight…

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