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The Future History of the Arctic

By Alexander Lumans

100. Someone has broken into the Global Seed Vault.  99. If you kill an ice bear, you have to tell the Governor.  98. If you do not, you will be subject to loopholes.  97. The Governor has an expensive Spanish carmine speedboat he takes for unlawful cruises in  the fjord next to town.  96. If…

Horror Awaits: A review of Tiny Nightmares

By K Chiucarello

Flash is known for its tricks, the way it sneaks into our subconscious as an ‘easy’ task. Often when I’m reading through our queue I’ll come across cover letters from submitters who are just getting back into writing and think that flash is a natural way to start again, given how short the stories are.…

When It Gets Cold in the South, The Youngest Baby Dies

By Exodus Oktavia Brownlow

Honey, Mississippi 1949 When it gets cold in the south, mama wakes you up much earlier than she used to, and here you are now having to help clean the hog head sitting in the kitchen sink. Its tongue is long, and black-beige-brown. Its teeth are broken-glassed, and grey. It’s grinning a terribly-split smile at…


By Noa Covo

We feed the ghoul behind the elementary school crumbs of bread and throw sticks at it to make it dance. We watch its grotesque movements, our heads ducked down, squinting in fear, until our mothers call us for dinner, garbled words painting a language that skips down the street and rings in our ears. We…

Raise the Babies

By Jan Stinchcomb

Goth Nanny The baby sees black eyeliner circling dead eyes that teach skepticism, or something more sinister, a desire to detach from society. The buggy is covered in black satin. Goth Nanny likes to hang out by the cliffs, along the sharp stone edge, in view of the murderous sea. She communicates with the baby…

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