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The Bottom of a Well is Also a Home

By Laur A. Freymiller

The creature who lives in the well makes noises at night. Small noises as if it doesn’t want to disturb us. It disturbs me. Right now, everything disturbs me: taking dishes out of the dishwasher, folding laundry, talking with Rebecca.   “It could be a frog,” Rebecca says. It’s not a frog. Truthfully, I haven’t…

My Brother, Named and Unnamed

By Steven Sherrill

My brother is the smallest man in the world. I’m not even kidding. Most of the time, he lives in my jacket pocket. One kernel of popcorn will keep him going for weeks. It’s hot in there, in my jacket pocket, and hard to breathe, probably. But he needs so little air. Sometimes, I take…

Hair, Teeth

By Josiah Nelson

They came to town, one riding a lawnmower, the other carrying a leaf blower, their hair shorn tight and crisp like hedges. And their teeth: white, too white, so white they were blue. Flashed those teeth at everyone they passed as they wandered around our town. When our mayor Archibald saw them, he nodded and…

Fast Flash Challenge Contest Winners & Shortlisted writers

By Fractured Lit

1st: Place: Party in the O.R. by Lannie Stabile Runner-Up: Through the Window by Susan Wigmore Runner-Up: Be Prepared by JR Walsh Shortlisted Titles and Writers sea hungry by Alvin Park Exotic by Ina Roy-Faderman Spit Joined by Tom Weller Unwound by Tiffany Grimes If I Had Wings by Claudia Wair Everything Disappeared by Rita…

The Pigeon-Pea Princess of Sanganakallu

By Rosaleen Lynch

The pigeon-pea, that lies under seventeen cardboard mattresses, grew in the stone age, amongst wild animals, and traveled across time and continents, and out of a store-bought box, as others poured into a clay pot to simmer as dahl on my fire, for me to feel it now. I’m tough skinned I’m told, by a…

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