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Evening Clay

By Josh Wagner

The speaker made us choose: “Your house is on fire. Family and pets are safe. What one thing would you take with you?” He hunted us with his eyes. Shoes squeaked over the gym floor, echoing in the frost of our hypnotic teenage lethargy, “…just one thing…” The bell rang, and we exploded like buckshot.…

Omission Serves a Purpose: An Interview with Tara Stillions Whitehead

By Fractured Lit

(Tommy Dean) I love the mix tape/Album format of the Chapbook. Especially the run or readingtimes next to the titles in the Table of Contents! Where did this idea comefrom? How does it influence or enhance the reading experience? (Tara Stillions Whitehead) I’m glad you like the album concept—I really have Galileo Press editor Barrett…

Rabbit Rabbit

By Sally Toner

That spring before, the crows on their farm were Don Corleone, leaving the heads of baby rabbits on their patio. The oversized infant teeth were bloody shards over soft pink tongues. Alec had told Libby he’d researched it. Crows were actually more intelligent than dolphins. They could call animal control, box the murderers up for…

Muscle and Might

By Bob Thurber

— Another Misadventure of The Broken Boys — The boys started climbing at first light. In the crisp air, their breath had the thickness of fog. They huffed heavily, eyes on the ground, already weary of dragging their shadows. The plan was to hike the ridge and obtain a bird’s-eye view of the forest and…

2021 Fractured Lit Pushcart Nominations

By Fractured Lit
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Lost Centuries by Shome Dasgupta Motherhood: A Hexaptych by Candace Hartsuyker Nothing the Wind Might Sting by Edie Patterson A Nice Blue Place by David Byron Queen A Guide to Small Town Ghosts by Regan Puckett Lessons in Negative Space by Sara Hills

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