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And This One is Full of Rain

By Dana Blatte

The birds only come once a year. Always on my birthday, just as I’m blowing my age into candle smoke and choking down a sliver of over-sweetened cake because my mom came home early from work to bake it and she gets mad when I don’t eat. But the birds are back, which makes it…

Lisa Won’t Quit Scuba

By John Jodzio

You and Lisa tried to save your marriage by taking some community education classes. Intro to Pottery started in March, Beginning Scuba was slated for May.  “Maybe learning new things will rekindle our love,” you told her.  “Maybe learning new things will prove our love is dead,” Lisa said. You worked hard at your pottery,…


By Lukasz Drobnik

So sudden you didn’t have time to put your hair on. So loud your eardrums hurt. Who are these people who have stormed into your kitchen? Why does the woman loot your cupboards, the man produce a knife? The woman’s voice reminds you of your daughter’s, but your daughter is five and cuts her doll’s…

Into the Sink

By Courtney Clute

She slipped her thumb into her mouth, sucked in a heavy swallow of air, shrunk her waist to the size of a noodle, and disappeared down the kitchen sink drain. Slithering down the pipe, she shrugged the darkness on like a winter coat. There was a piece of dark meat rotisserie chicken from dinner last…


By K-Ming Chang

Michelle Dong lived with her father and fourteen cousins in a butter-soft house at the end of the block, the only family in the neighborhood not directly related to us. In another country, Uncle Dong used to be some kind of teacher, but now he sold parts of his car. For years we watched him…

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