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Roadside Assistance

By Ra'Niqua Lee

We are weary in sweat and heat that settles like skin to skin. Deep in the buzz and whir of small things, dragonflies, mosquito blood suck. We left his car a mile back, broke down again. “What are you giving up for me?” he asks. Accusing is a love right, and any answers feel thinner…

the 2021 fractured lit flash fiction prize longlist

By Fractured Lit

We’re so excited to announce the 52 titles of our longlist! The submissions we received were so original, exciting, and creative that we’ve had a hard time narrowing down the list! We’ll announce the shortlist titles in the next few days! Thank you for your patience! From this list, K-Ming Chang will select 3 winners!…

The Vulture

By Bronwen Griffiths

Francisco looks down the long wintry road. Wisps of mist hang over the dark trees. The sound of the cooling engine fills his ears, click, click, click. He takes his hands out of his pockets and checks his watch. He will give them fifteen minutes, no more, no less. His breath steams into the cold…

So you fall in love with the church girl (the one who isn’t gay)

By Regan Puckett

She’s Splenda-sweet salvation, preened by her parents, who do everything in a -ly way: welcome you hesitant-ly, talk about you loud-ly, watch you knowing-ly before you know why. Your church girl is daisy socks, French braids, smiley-face pancakes. She’s citrus shampoo and vanilla lip balm, your first kiss, only for practice. Every friendship bracelet, a…


By Michelle Xu

In the beginning, the women were gooseberries. Plump on the vine, squashed under toe, murderous towards pine. When the rains fell, they became millipedes, scrabbling in pain for warm dirt. When the air dried, they jumped into the pond, careening as frogs, then tadpoles, then eggs. Under the moonlight, they danced as dandelion wisps. It…

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