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Monsters, Mystery, & Mayhem Contest Winners & Shortlisted writers

By Fractured Lit
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1st: Place: At the Bottom of the Well is a Home by Laur Freymiller 2nd Place: My Brother, Named and Unnamed by Steven Sherrill  3rd Place: Hair, Teeth by Josiah Nelson Shortlisted Titles and Writers A Modern Fairytale by Amy Wang  Double the Fun by Ryder Collins Monster Diary by Pedro Ponce Bottom of the…

Little Worlds

By Nathan Alling Long

Sara’s building tiny huts made of mud that she hollows out with her thumbs and then covers with sticks from the wood chip pile at the edge of the playground. She’s trying to create the village like the one she’s seen in pictures from the National Geographic that rests on the coffee table in her…

Sugar Baby

By Alexa Logush

When Danny turned six, his mouth rotted and a host of flies swarmed his lips. They laid their ugly eggs beneath his tongue and zipped right through the holes in his gums. Nana washed his mouth out with Listerine and soap, scolding him for not being more careful. For not acting his age. For not…

How to Embed your Legacy

By Anita Goveas

Take one pair of lightly-arched, freshly-manicured feet, slip off your mother’s gold-edged chappals that always chafed, and plant them firmly in the soft Mangalorean soil of your exacting grandfather’s garden Rub at your slightly turned-in ankles, that resemble your father’s, and recount the memory of how your perfectionist Nana massaged them with intent and warmed…


By Jamie Etheridge

She knocks things over—pyramid-stacked cans in the grocery store, books off the shelf at the library, her father’s glasses from atop his nose. She studied ballet in New York. Or at least that’s what she hopes to do. At night, she glissades across the Swan Lake tromp l’oeil shimmers on her ceiling. She is graceful,…

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