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Fractured Lit Work/Play Challenge Winner and Shortlisted Writers

By Fractured Lit

The winner is The Breakfast Shift at the Usual New York Diner by Debra A. Daniel! Thank you, and congratulations to our shortlisted writers. We so enjoyed reading your stories about work/play for this challenge!

What I’m Saying Is

By Jeffrey Hermann

There’s a beautiful beach. You get there by walking through a shady path, and then you’re on the soft sand. Some low hills far off, green and silver in the sun. There’s a couple on the beach. The woman on a towel with a hat to shade her eyes. The man in the water up…

The Guy in the Redwood Water Tank

By Melissa Llanes Brownlee

I once fucked a guy in a redwood water tank. The kind that once held water caught from rain, maybe filled by the county every couple of months. The kind that now looks like a dorm room, a single bed pushed against rounded walls, a small fridge next to a tiny table and chair, the…

Fractured Lit Anthology Volume 4 Winners

By Fractured Lit

We’re so excited to announce our Anthology 4 winners! Judge Morgan Talty chose 20 stories to be published both online and in print! Thank you to everyone who submitted and to our finalists. It’s never easy choosing only twenty stories from all of the great ones we received for this year’s contest!

The Astronaut Shops

By Dustin M. Hoffman

The astronaut pushes a wire cart through the supermarket. Their body is obscured beneath the thick, radiation-proof fabric. Their face hides behind the mirrored shield opaque enough to block the sun. We decide to assume the astronaut is a she, for women make better astronauts. The astronaut is squeezing avocados. She is counting bananas. She…

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