Blue Mama

By Emma Brewer

Without thinking too deeply about it we presume ourselves to be adequate parents. The baseline assumption is that we would…

the 2021 fractured lit Anthology prize longlist

By Fractured Lit

We’re so excited to announce the 62 titles of our longlist! The submissions we received were so resonant, engaging, and…

By the Gleam of Her Teeth, She Will Light the Path Before Her

By Tina May Hall

After dinner, Father folds a swan out of his paper napkin. Mother says, “My, how early it grows dark.” First…

Calculus of Devotion

By Star Su

—after Wong Kar-wai’s Chungking Express Clare dresses like an ice cream cone. Chocolate lace, vanilla skirts. All of it melting…

Nothing the Wind Might Sting

By Edie Patterson

1.  The bird flies in through an open window on the first story of the hotel. The bird flies through…

Ornithology for Girls

By Tara Stillions Whitehead

The bluegrass is dry and sick.  “You were the one who survived,” I say. “You were very fortunate.” You are…

Scene in a Public Park at Dawn, 1892

By Gwen Kirby

“No small sensation has been made by the report of a duel between two ladies. . . . The [disagreement]…

Big Red

By AJ Cunder

It started out small—a red speck hardly noticed on the Harlem sidewalk. Maybe it drifted down from the heavens. Maybe…

Origin Story

By Kyra Kondis

There was a man—there is always a man. There was the crush of gray wave. The cold bite of late…

the 2021 fractured lit ghost, fable, and fractured fairy tale prize shortlist

By Fractured Lit

We’re proud to announce the 23 titles of our shortlist! The submissions we received were so thrilling, inventive, and affecting…

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