By John Fulton

When the boys’ father came to pick them up at their mother’s and take them for the day, he was…

Phantom Trails

By Christine Kandic Torres

When Tía Amelia died, we ordered KFC. “Kentucky Fried Cruelty,” she used to call it, before biting into the flesh…

Rat Girl

By Patricia Q. Bidar

She calls herself Rat Girl, but she looks like a little Swiss doll. Now in the Chapel, she is singing…

Mary the Obscure

By Mandana Chaffa

The Marys—mothers, daughters, whores, saints, queens and killers—meet every Thursday afternoon in Riverside Park during the spring and summer months.…

The Rookery

By Corey Farrenkopf

The rookery is disguised as a shed. I keep a lawnmower and a pair of hedge trimmers for the sake…


By Rachel Lachmansingh

For breakfast, Zip and I will eat a rancid jar of olives, a brittle feather from the windowsill, and a…

Everything Will Be Okay in the End

By Lindy Biller

The ghosts have come looking for my maid, but the maid is not here. The maid is out back in…

Self-Portrait as Everything You’re Not

By Jasmine Sawers

Blonde girls at school seek to become blonder. Blonde girls arrive with new highlights, preening at the way their faces…

Day Trader

By Dominic Reed

You’re good at selling words. Every morning you go to the market with the other girls and offer up a…

2021 Best Small Fictions Nominations

By Fractured Lit

Endangered Species by Caroljean Gavin Things Never Stay Warm by María Alejandra Barrios  A Too Small Room by Yume Kitasei…

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