2021 Best Small Fictions Nominations

By Fractured Lit

Endangered Species by Caroljean Gavin Things Never Stay Warm by María Alejandra Barrios  A Too Small Room by Yume Kitasei…

Deaths of the Actor

By Abigail Oswald

The actor has died thirty-four times. His first death, a grotesque slow-motion spearing in the midst of battle, was looped…

Sweets From Strangers

By Tian Yi

When we heard that Mingming’s grandmother was coming to live with her, my sister and I asked our parents endless…

The Marriage Market

By Susan Wigmore

An old Bedford van passes you on the track to the *moussem. On top, penned but precarious, barely a bleat,…

Oil Drills

By Lauren Weber

She reached into the fridge for one of those individual tubs of yogurt designed to release the digestive tract. Her…

Evening Clay

By Josh Wagner

The speaker made us choose: “Your house is on fire. Family and pets are safe. What one thing would you…

Rabbit Rabbit

By Sally Toner

That spring before, the crows on their farm were Don Corleone, leaving the heads of baby rabbits on their patio.…

Muscle and Might

By Bob Thurber

— Another Misadventure of The Broken Boys — The boys started climbing at first light. In the crisp air, their…

2021 Fractured Lit Pushcart Nominations

By Fractured Lit
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Lost Centuries by Shome Dasgupta Motherhood: A Hexaptych by Candace Hartsuyker Nothing the Wind Might Sting by Edie Patterson A…

Grandma Kim at Forty-Five: A Serigraph in Four Layers

By Chloe Seim

1/10 Grandma Kim had a rose-petal mouth. See the ballooned lips, half-inch creases trapping her mouth at each end. Such…

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