the 2021 fractured lit flash fiction prize longlist

We’re so excited to announce the 52 titles of our longlist! The submissions we received were so original, exciting, and creative that we’ve had a hard time narrowing down the list! We’ll announce the shortlist titles in the next few days! Thank you for your patience! From this list, K-Ming Chang will select 3 winners!

Somebody Lonely

A Bird and My Daughter Is a Blueberry

L and D

Cuba, July 2021

Everything Will Be Okay in the End

100 Million, Oblivion

I Heart Sluts

Other Women

The Perfect Mother


Easter Morning

White Powder

Story of Your Life

Baby Teeth

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

In the Language of Flowers Hydrangeas Symbolize Gratitude for Being Understood

Thoughts Before the Group Session

The Swimming Lesson

Self-Portrait as Everything You’re Not 

Mother Tongue

Day Trader

Strawberry Balsamic Donut

A Perfect Facsimile of Flight

Sand Dollars

A Language Is a Story

Perpetual Motion


Nicky True

The Big Comeback

The Grip of a Girl’s Legs


How A World-Famous Pianist Arrives At His Venue Where He Plays Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 In A Slightly Out-Of-Tune C Minor

The Water Goddess

Mating Season

The Trade

The Trouble With Quantum

John Wayne

Whisper Down The Lane

Have Yourself a Merry Little

little piggy and the seven seas

Wild Women


The B Word

he said it was like rusting through


Sunbeam Dream

In Memory of Boots


Robot You

The Smoke Out

The Four Worst Paint Names We Came Across At Home Depot Upon Failing To Pick A New Color For The Empty Spare Room

In the Dust of Elephants

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