the 2020 fractured lit micro fiction prize shortlist

We’re proud to announce the 25 titles of our shortlist! The submissions we received were resonant, inventive, and so engaging that we’ve had a hard time narrowing down the list! From this list, judge Sian Griffiths will choose her final 3 winners and 5 honorable mentions! Please don’t identify your story title as the shortlist will be delivered to Sian anonymously!

Cultural Competency

The I.C.’s

Slow Motion

the blood we spill and the blood we keep

Bird Day

The Monster That Stole The Moon

The First 

New Devotion

A Paranormal Dialogue


Gavin and Merle Are Engaged in a Turf War

Orphans of a dead scene


The Taxidermist and The Baker

And This is How it Ended

With a Glistening Rush

The Eighth Silo

Agates on Her Hands


Total Control


In Which Sophie and I Clear a Forest

Bird Resuscitation


Entomologist’s Girlfriend

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