the 2020 fractured lit flash fiction prize shortlist

We’re proud to announce the 22 titles of our shortlist! The submissions we received were fresh, fierce, and so engaging that we’ve had a hard time narrowing down the list! From this list, judge Megan Giddings will choose her final 3 winners! Please don’t identify your story title as the shortlist has been delivered to Megan anonymously!

  1. You Married
  3. Exigua
  4. Stories
  5. Consider the Shape of Your Fist
  6. Benny
  7. There is No Ocean in the Bucket
  8. Southwest Loop
  9. Funeral Party 
  10. The Future History of the Arctic 
  11. Spaghetti Junction
  12. When It Gets Cold in the South, The Youngest Baby Dies
  13. Crocodile
  14. Where is Stephanie East?   
  15. What Mrs.Chandler Wants To Know
  16. The Tick
  17. There, I Said It 
  18. Counting Trees with Mr. Gillson 
  19. Remember Tomorrow in Seasons
  20. You Will Do This
  21. We Are Still
  22. Morning

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