Supporting Black Lives Matter

Fractured Lit believes that Black Lives Matter, that Black Voices Matter, that Black Art Matters. We believe that the power of stories and art serves as a medium to help us empathize and learn from others. This is a worthwhile pursuit as we strive to build an inclusive literary magazine that desires to represent the voices of all people in the form of fresh and exciting flash fiction. We have a unique platform to provide a space for marginalized or underrepresented voices, and we take this responsibility seriously and sincerely.  As the Editor-in-Chief Of Fractured Lit. I know how much I still have to learn in order to be a better person, a more supportive person of diversity here at Fractured Lit, and in my involvement with the literary community at large. We’re still learning, still growing, trying to listen more, and listen on a deeper level. To provide an exciting, but safe place for Black writers of any background and experience. The world needs your stories. 

In order to support anti-racism and to support Black lives and marginalized voices, we have donated $500 to The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and $500 to The Trevor Project. We will continue to work together as an editorial team to develop ways to continue to support Black Lives in the future. 

What we love about flash fiction is the form’s ability to create an empathic and emotional connection between the character and the reader. Its ability to question the status quo, to create a defamiliarization of the typical—to create meaning between writer and reader, to show the power that stories have to do some of the work of eliminating hate, racism, bigotry, misogyny, or the condoning or glorifying of violence. 

We want to support Black writers, so we’re looking to highlight/promote upcoming flash fiction collections, chapbooks, or adjacent books by Black and underrepresented voices! We have space for essays, interviews, or something creative! 

We know that creating safe places for readers and writers goes beyond words in a newsletter, that trust is built through time and actions. We hope that in time you’ll consider using our platform to share your voice, your vision, your love for art and literature. Also, we need your help to showcase the stories that explore the fractures of humanity. Stories that make us feel something, make us want to connect, make us reach for the deeper empathy between people. 

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