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I Told Them I’m a Vampire Who Likes To Drink Blood

I wished it on my 16th birthday candles. The school counselor said to believe in myself, so I did. It turned out the junior class at Bellingham High had been waiting for a teenage vampire.

First they stopped sitting with me at lunch. Jesse from homeroom said they didn’t want to watch me drink blood. I had to keep it credible, so I left my tray untouched, even though mac-n-cheese is my favorite. My calculus teacher said I looked a little pale that afternoon.

I used it as an excuse to skip P.E. “I’m just really drained today,” I told Coach Martin. “I should probably get out of the sun.” I moved to the shadiest tree and pretended to perch like a bat in its shadows. 

Mrs. Miller must have heard the kids talking about it on the school bus because when I stepped off, she said with a smirk: “It’s spooky I can’t see you in the rearview mirror.” The twins from the cul-de-sac gave me a look, and just for effect, I swigged some fruit punch Kool Aid from my Nalgene.

I felt like I was practically floating down the sidewalk. By the time I got home, my mother rolled her eyes, holding the door with one arm, pointing to the couch with the other. “Jesse’s mom called. I can’t believe you sometimes.”

I slouched off my backpack, kicked back in the Lazy Boy, and smiled. “It turns out this self-confidence thing really works, Mom.”

Kristina T. Saccone (she/her) edits a limited-run online literary journal with stories about caring for our aging parents and those who raised us, called One Wild Ride, and she’s querying an anthology on the same topic. She is also a short fiction and nonfiction writer with stories in Fractured Lit, Cease, Cows, Gone Lawn, Flash Flood, Luna Station Quarterly, LEON Literary Review, Emerge Literary Journal, and others. Find her on Twitter at @kristinasaccone and @one_wild_ride.

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