Ghost contest 2022

Ghost, Fable, and Fairy Tales Prize Winners and Shortlisted Writers

1st Place: It’s Still There by Robert McBrearty This is a superb metafiction; a very short story about very short stories themselves, but a story in itself, too. ~Rumaan Alam

2nd Place: Fusion by Diane Kraynak This taut (and funny) story understands that few things are more frightening and absurd than being in love. ~Rumaan Alam

3rd Place: Cold Comfort by Rachel O’Cleary It’s no simple feat to make a story of any length genuinely moving; to do it in so few words is a marvel. ~Rumaan Alam

Regular Acceptance: Fish Folk by Breana Harris & The Extractions by Kim Parko


We Sleep Within the Vast Sadness of the Mountain by Gayle Burgoyne

Salty Feet by Christine H. Chen

Dark Crescent by Lyndsey Croal

How Boys Get Their Wings by Daniel Culpan

Lair by Kerry Greer

My Analog by Alissa Hattman

The Waking Spell by Meagan Johanson

Home Remedies Or: A Guide for the Afflicted by Libbie Katsev

The Silk Farmer by Malachi Lily

Nettles by Susie Lyddon

Skin Beetles by Rosaleen Lynch

Ghost Sweat by Sherry Mayle

The Lioness In Winter by Blake Rong

The Matchstick Girl by Alex Stein

In Spirit by Ethan Tan 

Man-Made by Tessa Whitehead

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