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Fractured Lit Flash Fiction OPEN Grand prize Winner and Finalists

We’ll be publishing 16 total stories from this contest and we’re so excited about Judge Sara Lippmann’s choices! Thank you all for trusting us with your writing!

Grand Prize Winner: For a Short Time Only by Holly Burns

15 Finalists (in alphabetic order) are:

  1. Pairs by Jennifer Ahlquist
  2. possible future for our daughter #683 by Carly Alaimo
  3. Is Now and Ever Shall Be by Alex Bisker
  4. If we name it Mittens, can we please keep the food delivery bot, please? by Moisés Delgado
  5. We Mistakenly Think It Keeps Growing by Marilyn Hope
  6. Candied Lemon by Grace Kennedy
  7. Intertidal by Ali Mckenzie-Murdoch
  8. In All The Loveless Places by Jennifer McMahon
  9. My Mother, the Water Monster by Aeriel Merillat
  10. The Girl Made of Dirt by Dawn Miller
  11. Piel Muerta by Gabriella Navas
  12. Cheerful by G. Ochsner
  13. Four by Evan Ramzipoor
  14. Fullness by Payne Ratner
  15. Snagging Blanket by Abigail F. Taylor

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