The Big Dipper

By Meg Pokrass

The pool was four feet deep, and we bought it at Target half off. You could float on your back…

User Profile for the Recently Bereaved

By Jessica Cavero

I’m looking for the way it feels to stand behind doors sliding shut on a train to Ikebukuro and you…

Lost Centuries

By Shome Dasgupta

Yonder Years Ago So down a synapse they tunneled, carried past sensation burdens: memory waves chute-oscillated, irrigated crevices and canals…

Grown-Ups Also Lie: Three Micros

By Melissa Bowers

Punch Me he tells his son. It’s okay. You need to learn. Tenderly, the father kneels, and the boy makes…

And This One is Full of Rain

By Dana Blatte

The birds only come once a year. Always on my birthday, just as I’m blowing my age into candle smoke…

Lisa Won’t Quit Scuba

By John Jodzio

You and Lisa tried to save your marriage by taking some community education classes. Intro to Pottery started in March,…

Into the Sink

By Courtney Clute

She slipped her thumb into her mouth, sucked in a heavy swallow of air, shrunk her waist to the size…


By K-Ming Chang

Michelle Dong lived with her father and fourteen cousins in a butter-soft house at the end of the block, the…

Spaghetti Junction

By Elisabeth Ingram Wallace

I had been snow-drifting through December, on slow trains and delayed buses, ending each day with a long icy walk…


By Cyn Nooney

That summer in Dallas my roommate Tina stole a Penthouse from her father’s stash. We wanted to see why Miss…

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