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the 2021 fractured lit Anthology prize longlist

We’re so excited to announce the 62 titles of our longlist! The submissions we received were so resonant, engaging, and creative that we’ve had a hard time narrowing down the list! We’ll announce the shortlist titles in the next few days! Thank you for your patience! From this list, Kathy Fish will select 20 stories to be published in our first anthology!

Night Vision


Wild Jill’s Bangin’ Karaoke Bar

Built Back Better

Grandma Kim at Forty-Five: a Serigraph in Four Layers

(Don’t) Remember Me Like This

Girl On A Bike, Boy In Dayton

Rabbit Rabbit


Oil Drills

When We Get To It

Girl in the Snow

Love, Exactly

The Last Weeks of the War

40 Days and a Wake-up


Buen Provecho

Thursday Night at Lucky’s Liquor Store

Waste Meadow

Pretty Things

Harvest Moon

How Much Time Will Go By


If Only

Housekeeping In Movement

I chose the pencil

City Island Diner

Little Tin Box

If this were Tracy Island

The Marriage Market

Seeds of Love

Muscle and Might

Sweets from Strangers

Further from the Heart

We Could Live Here

Women Learn To Fly

Make Dust Our Paper

Rustic Haircuts for Returning Ghosts

We Don’t Boil Babies

Salt City Runaway

Almost Like a Heart


In Andromeda



The Beak

Wishing AAA had been DDD

Object Permanence

Lady of the Canal


Agora é Sempre

Drip by Little Drip

Account For What You Have



Evening Clay

Named and Unnamed

Mi Porvenir

As Solid As an Ashtray and Emits More Smoke

Lace in Your Hands

1979 Buick LeSabre

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