On the Day Meryl Stopped Being Pregnant

By Melissa Ostrom

The top drawer of the old bureau painted to look new held thirty-six onesies, freshly laundered and folded into tiny…

the 2020 fractured lit micro fiction prize shortlist

By Fractured Lit

We’re proud to announce the 25 titles of our shortlist! The submissions we received were resonant, inventive, and so engaging…

Lost Centuries

By Shome Dasgupta

Yonder Years Ago So down a synapse they tunneled, carried past sensation burdens: memory waves chute-oscillated, irrigated crevices and canals…

Another Morning

By K.C. Mead-Brewer

The rifle leans by the cabin door. The gray window is cold to the touch. The mother sucks something from…

Lakeside Mermaid

By Jessica Hudson

It takes thirty years for my older sister to swim here from the Pacific coast. She no longer has vocal…

Wild Thing

By Van Thaxton

CW: kidnapping But we were so young and our parents were hippies, and our music came from the garage band…


By Lukasz Drobnik

So sudden you didn’t have time to put your hair on. So loud your eardrums hurt. Who are these people…


By Noa Covo

We feed the ghoul behind the elementary school crumbs of bread and throw sticks at it to make it dance.…

Deus Ex Machina

By Amorak Huey

I’m scratching my name in the pew with my car key. I’m daydreaming about what it would be like to…

For Mommy, who is always crying

By Francine Witte

in her bedroom like a secret, only we can hear it through the door. My big brother, Lou, took off…

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